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Choosing the Right Mattress

What Type of Mattress Is Best for My Child?

When purchasing a mattress for your child's bed the first question you should consider is what is it made out of and where is it made? Your child will have his or her head laying on whichever mattress you choose every night for many years to come. Whether you choose a memory foam mattress, an inner spring mattress or latex mattress make sure you trust that the manufacturer has your child's best interests in mind when making the mattress. American made mattresses like Sleep Aid Factory mattresses are a safe bet because the guidelines for what ingredients are allowed to be used to make mattresses are stricter in the USA than most countries and of course enforced as well. That's not to say that other countries don't make good mattresses as well but as a general rule, make sure you trust the company selling it. Here at Kids' Bed Land any mattress you find will be a safe choice for your child.

Some mattress companies have very specific restrictions as to what type of foundation they require you place your child’s mattress on. If you do not follow these rules, your mattress warranty can automatically be rendered void. Memory foam mattresses in particular require that the mattress be placed on a solid, flat surface. If a memory foam mattress is best for your child, you will need to insure that the kids’ bed you purchase offers a solid flat mattress foundation, or you may have to make arrangements to create such a surface elsewhere. You can purchase a “Bunkie” board (essentially: a very thin box spring) to lay over the kids’ bed slats if your child prefers a memory foam sleeping surface, or you can purchase a standard box spring. You can also use a sheet of plywood or similar material to create a flat surface. If your child prefers a standard mattress, then setting up the bed is a cinch. In this case, you can simply place your child’s mattress directly on the slats. For futons, a flat surface is not necessary, but it is recommended. Most any mattress can be placed directly on top of slats, but you should nevertheless check your mattress warranty first. As always, feel free to call us for help if you are stuck.

Mattress Size Chart
Twin - 37”W x 74”L
Twin XL - 37”W x 80”L
Double/Full - 54”W x 74”L
Queen - 60”W x 80”L
CA King – 72”W x 84”L
Standard (Eastern King) – 76”W x 84”L

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