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Welcome to Kids Bed Land, your one-stop site for fantastic cribs, kids beds and bunk beds. Whether you are shopping for a boys beds or a girls beds, a toddler or a young adult, you will surely find a high-quality bed that suits both your needs and your budget! It’s easy to see why Kids Bed Land is one of the top-ranked online children’s furniture stores; with everyday specials like free shipping and our expert team of the best online customer service representatives, Kids Bed Land is committed to providing you – the customer – with a convenient, relaxed, and fun shopping experience.

Here you will find a range of bed styles, including kids platform beds, canopy beds, loft beds, storage beds, theme beds, baby cribs and bunk beds – our specialty!

Do you remember your very first bunk bed? You may have shared a room with a sibling, or perhaps your first bunk bed experience was at sleep-away camp. Either way, you surely discovered that bunk beds are great for building friendships and camaraderie among youngsters. Bunk beds can even help your kids stay organized – especially bunk beds with built-in storage drawers. They also promote creativity and imagination in your children, who will just love playing on their new bunk bed. One day it can be a formidable pirate ship sailing the open sea, the next it can be a beautiful castle for your little prince or princess. A bunk bed also frees up lots of floor space in a shared bedroom, allowing your children more room to play.

Loft beds are also great for children’s rooms as they free up lots of floor space. A loft bed is essentially a bunk bed, without the bottom bunk; in lieu of a sleeping area, a desk or dressers usually fill this space. This gives your child more room to roam around freely and play in his bedroom.

Theme beds are also lots of fun, and they can spark any growing child’s imagination. Platform beds are simple but very sleek and modern, and are perfect for your child who’s perhaps a bit too old for imagination games. Most of our customers are parents looking for an affordable and space-efficient way to improve their kids’ shared room, creating a fun and organized environment. These parents choose Kids Bed Land because we offer the sturdiest and highest-quality kids beds in the business. We invite you to peruse our hand-picked selection and see our commitment to quality firsthand! Once again, welcome to Kids Bed Land!

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Convertible Cribs Get the bed that grows with your child!

Our 4 in 1 convertible cribs convert from crib, to toddler bed, to day bed to full size bed. All this from just one bed!

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Norman the Dog Bed Cover
Norman is ready to be your child's newest bedtime buddy!
Theme Bed
Give your kids the dream. They can feel like a race driver, captain, pirates or anything they dream. They would want to go to bed!

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